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Today’s renovation projects require fast turn around and it’s common today for work to take place within occupied buildings. The demolition process creates lots of dust; so we perform our work within a negative pressure environment to keep dust from traveling to occupied areas. This protects the building occupants from silica, fiberglass and other nuisance dusts which can cause adverse health effects.

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One of our main goals is to identify the source of moisture that has caused mold growth. Frequently mold growth is caused by humidity and not a water leak. Maintaining humidity levels in your home between 30-50% will help avoid the growth of mold. North East Environmental offers a preliminary visual mold inspection, assessment and recommendations at no cost. Air sample collection may be recommended in conjunction with our preliminary visual inspection and assessment; however, a laboratory fee will be incurred for this service.

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Welcome to North East Environmental, LLC, the licensed and certified choice for asbestos abatement and remediation in New Jersey. We have been serving the North New Jersey community since 1986, eliminating the health risks posed by asbestos in residential, commercial and government properties.


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